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20.10.2018 - grün meets green

Auch in diesem Jahr findet wieder unser all jährliches bayerisch-irisches Fest statt. Am 20.10.2018 laden wir zu gruen meets green ab 20.00 Uhr in unser Vereinsheim in der Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 3a ein.

Für das leibliche Wohl gibt es Guinnes, Bullmers, Jameson sowie Tegernsee´er. Aber auch für die passende musikalische Unterhaltung haben wir gesorgt. Cluas wird zusammen mit Saskia über den Abend verteilt für euch spielen.

About Cluas:


Very stage experienced multi-lingual solo entertainer performing multiple music genres.

After having started CLUAS as an Irish Folk- and cover duo in Brussels in 2010, Dominik Hruby (from Munich, Germany) and Karen McHugh (from Tullamore, Ireland) played many successful gigs all over Belgium and made themselves very popular in the Irish community in and around Brussels. However, after a while, both of them took more interest in solo projects and other constellations.

Today, CLUAS is only Dominik touring all over Europe as a solo performer known for his talent to entertain any sort of audience, no matter what venue or occasion.

He now plays a broad mix of Irish Folk, Country, Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Rock and Pop Classics, German/Austria Rock/Pop, Sea Shanties, Punk Rock and Originals, all topped up with a fine dose of Comedy and Joke.

His smooth but yet powerful and smokey voice gently but instantly touches the listener. With the ability of speaking four languages almost fluently, he easily interacts with the crowd. His ever friendly presence makes you not only enjoy and remember a good show but also leave with a warm and comfortable feeling...

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